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Mahmoud Medany

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Mahmoud A. M. Medany

Ph.D.,Environment Consultant

 One of the Lead Authors team of the IPCC 4th Assessment Report (WGII, Chapter 9), that received half of the Nobel Peace Prize, 2007.

 Dr. Mahmoud Abdallah Medany is a member in the Advisory Committee of Crisis Management and Disaster Risk Reduction at the Egyptian Cabinet's Information and Decision Support Center, and the Chief Researcher of The Agricultural Research Center. He is also a Consultant at The Arab Organization for Agricultural Development since 2009, Deputy Director of Horticulture Research Institute (2009-2010). 
Dr. Mahmoud Medany occupied many other positions; Director of Central Laboratory for Agricultural Climate (CLAC) (2008-2009), Contributor to the Second National Communication on Climate Change (2008-2010), Member of the National Committee for Climate Change (2008-2010), Lead - Author, WGII, AR4, IPCC (2007), Lead Author, Technical Paper on Climate Change and Water, IPCC (2008), Expert Reviewer of Greenhouse Gases Inventory (2006- 2010), Supervising 25 M.Sc. and Ph.D thesis.
Dr. Mahmoud Medany issued many scientific publications in mathematical crop modeling, water requirements, climate change impacts/adaptations, greenhouse production.